The Origins of Our Store

The Beginning

Starting in 1985 my first shuriken were made! Out of a desire to have quality tools that were made to last and a affordable pricing! So in 2012, I started The Samurai Connection out of repeated requests to buy the items I was making. This enabled a greater platform to help more people looking for the same thing, quality training tools!  There was simply a severe lack of places to find them. Initially, Shuriken were the primary focus since I couldn't obtain anything that would hold up to more than a single throw in practice, or that wasn't razor sharp and more dangerous to the students than the target!

My Experience

With 41 years martial arts training, and traveling to Japan for the last 26 years, I know the good tools from the bad. My intention is to produce high quality training tools that do what they are supposed to do. As the store grew, I decided to have more tools available than just the hand-crafted options, therefore the training tools and weapons offered on the site are no longer limited to the solely handmade versions.

Nevertheless, I believe quality is paramount to quantity, so rather than have an enormous array of bad quality options, I have only made the personally tried, tested, and approved tools available in our store.


My final thoughts on a quality outlet for training supplies is providing the one thing that seems to be becoming increasingly rarer online - customer service!

It doesn’t cost anything to be nice and respectful, as I am truly grateful for each and every customer that comes to the site.