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Ninja Kusari-fundo
Ninja Kusari-fundo
Ninja Kusari-fundo
Ninja Kusari-fundo
Ninja Kusari-fundo
Ninja Kusari-fundo
Ninja Kusari-fundo
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Ninja Kusari-fundo


The Manrikigusari was believed to have been developed by Masaki Tarodayu in the 1700's. It is used by several Ko Ryu Budo schools.

Used to snag and snare the opponent as well as strike with the weight. The chain weapon is a versatile weapon in the hands of a skilled practitioner

Can be thrown by swinging overhead or popping like a whip. May also be held concealed in one hand and used to strike..

Kusari-fundo is a hand held weapon used in feudal Japan, consisting of a length of chain (kusari) with a weight (fundo) attached to each end of the chain. Various sizes and shapes of chain and weight were used as there was no set rule on the construction of these weapons. Other popular names are manrikigusari (萬力鏈) ("ten thousand power chain") or just manriki.


The chain (kusari)

The chain (kusari) of a kusari fundo.

Typically the length of the forged chain could vary from around 12 inches (30 cm) up to 48 inches (120 cm). The chain links could have many different shapes including round, elliptical, and egg-shaped. The thickness of the chain also varied. Usually the first link of chain attached to the weight was round and often larger and thicker than the rest of the links of the chain.

The weight (fundo)

The weight (fundo) of a kusari fundo.

The weight attached to each end of the chain could have many different sizes and shapes. The weights were usually exactly matched in size and shape. On some of the related chain and weight weapons the weights could be completely different from each other, with one weight being much longer than the other like a handle on one end, or one weight could be round while the other weight could be rectangular. Weight shapes include round, hexagonal, or rectangular. The weight could be fairly light or quite heavy with the typical weight being from 2 ounces (56 grams) to 4 ounces (112 grams).


  • Steel chain
  • Steel weights
  • Black finish or silver
  • 27" length
  • An essential piece of Ninja Gear
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester