• Enmei Ryu Tantogata 2

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    Enmei Ryu Tantogata 2LG  Sold individually / separately

    Enmei Ryu Shuriken were called Tanto Gata. These were either made from broken tanto or wakizashi blades.
    This is basically the same as the first model only this one is 1 1/2" longer.
    Steel was also fashioned to look like they came from tanto. The tang was the main body of the shuriken with the remaining intact part of the blade as the blade of the shuriken. Constructed of AR400 armor plate steel. 3/16" thick, 10" long, 3/4" wide. These are individually hand beveled edges that are not a finished sharpen. Used as they are or can be equipped with handle fitting. These are made to be used and will hold up to regular use.


    • AR400 Armor plate steel
    • 3/16" thickness
    • 10" length Aprox 3.5" - 4" handle w/ 6.5" - 6" blade
    • 3/4" width
    • Black oxide plated
    • Custom hand beveled edges