• MUSASHI Shinken Katana

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    NEW MUSASHI SHINKEN KATANA Hand made Samurai Sword

    This is a custom katana that comes with a battlefield length Tsuka ( handle ) a full 14" handle has been fitted for optimal leverage and control in cutting and manipulating this amazing piece.

     About the MUSASHI SHINKEN Katana: The blade of the sword has been constructed from 1060 differential hardened carbon steel. The hamon of the sword is authentic in a midare gunome pattern. The blade is full tang and very sharp. The saya is wooden with a high gloss black finish and bull horn koiguchi. The sageo is black fiber/silk material. Tsuka: Is custom fitted battlefield length of 14" wrapped in a Brown fiber/silk fiber material. The tsuba is steel and shaped in the authentic Musashi pattern. The fuchigashira are black alloy with a dragon theme. The ito is brown fiber/silk material over real ray skin samegawa. The nakago is secured by two smoked bamboo mekugi.

    Detailed Specs:

    • Overall Length:42.5" 
    • 44" including saya.
    • Blade:Very Sharp
    • Blade Material:1060 Differential Hardened Carbon Steel
    • Nagasa Length:28.5 "
    • Tsuka Length:14 "
    • Niku:slim
    • Weight W/O Saya:2.75 lbs
    • Kissaki Length:1.67 "
    • Tsuba Material:Steel
    • Hardness of Yakiba:55 degrees
    • Ito Material: fiber/silk material
    • Hamon:Midare Gunome
    • Sori:0.5 "
    • Fuchigashira Material:Alloy
    • Balance Point:5.25 "
    • Mekugi:Double Pinned
    • Condition:Brand New