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    • Handmade Samurai Katana Sharp Sword 1045 Carbon Steel blade and Bamboo Engraved Scabbard

      This is the Handmade Katana with Bamboo Engraved Saya. It features a carved bamboo on the saya and a 1045 carbon steel blade with bohi.

      Blade: The blade has been constructed from through hardened 1045 carbon steel with a wirebrush hamon. The blade comes with a bohi and is full tang and sharp.
      Saya: Is wooden with a black gloss finish and black chemical fiber sageo with a bamboo design engraved into the saya.
      Tsuka: Perfectly fitted for this size katana at 12" makes for excellent balance and control.

      The habaki is brass and the tsuba is a sukashi style cut-out. The fuchigashira are a higo style, built for comfort.

      The ito is black chemical fiber over real ray skin samegawa. The tang is single pinned with bamboo mekugi.

      Note: Sword stand sold separately.


      -Overall Length: 40 "

      -Nagasa Length: 27.5 "

      -Tsuka Length: 12 "

      -Balance Point: 5.5"

      -Weight W/O Saya: 2.35 lbs

      -Lamination: Mono Steel

      -Blade: Very Sharp

      -Blade Material: Through Hardened 1045 Carbon steel

      -Fittings: Zinc Alloy

      -Tsuka Material: Chemical Fiber

      -HRC: 45 Degrees

      -Accessories: Sword Bag

      -Condition: New