• Mini OTF Pocket Knife 1.98"

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     Mini OTF Pocket Knife 1.98"

    This is the CA Legal 1.98" Blade Mini Automatic Out The Front Stainless Steel Blade Knife. This automatic knife features a spring mechanism and sliding button that lets the blade deploy through the front automatically by sliding the button forwards and back into the handle by sliding the button backwards. The blade is made of 440 stainless steel that is blackened and the handle is red anodized aluminum.

    Please check your local and state laws regarding the lawful ownership and carrying of automatic deploying knives.

    *We are not responsible for any injury and/or death caused by the use and/or misuse of this item.

    • Opened Length: 5.25"
      Closed Length: 3.25"
      Blade Length: 1.98 "
      Material: Stainless Steel/ Aluminum
    • Condition: Brand New