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    WWII ( NIHONTO ) KATANA Japanese Samurai Sword.

    Fully refurbished to museum quality with the connection to actual battle! Though not confirmed to have engaged in battle it was made for it! Fully functional piece of war history.

    USED! But totally restored! This is a traditional war piece of history. The handle, tsuba, are new. all fittings replaced or refurbished to museum quality. The blade was polished some time ago and does have 2 minor blemishes now. Sharp, fully functional sword. Immaculate condition.

    This beautifully restored, fully functional katana make this a one of a kind true master piece work of art. If you desire a true authentic Samurai katana that not only was made for and possibly used in battle but has the look of a museum art piece.  Accompanied by ALL of the documents and certification for this katana from the Japanese Government and the sword smith.

    Appraisals unfortunately have ranged from $5,000.00 to as high as $20,000.00 U.S dollars! Depending on of course the buyer. If your looking for a Historical, documented, certified piece of history that is beautiful enough to be displayed in a museum but actually made and designed for battle! Look no further! THIS IS IT! 

    Now being offered at the lower end of appraisal for $8,000.00

    The maker of this sword has an average reported value of one million YEN!  Y1,000,000.00

    In today's current exchange that is about $9,000.00 U.S dollars.