• Ninja-To Shinken 1

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    The Ninja-To Katana is now for the first time being offered here with true to historical spec's. Though there are a vast many variations to the specs, Most are within the size, measurements, etc offered in this hard to find sword. This model is a shinken ( Live sword ) i.e it comes very sharp!! The Tsuka and Saya are of regular katana length where the blade is shorter, 23" for faster drawing and close quarters. Powders can be placed into the bottom of the Saya.

    NOTE: These are done by hand and not in a MFG production shop. Each one is unique, as with all handmade, custom tools slight blemishes are sometimes present.

    Product Description

    This is the Handmade Ninja-To with Dragon Engraved Saya. It features a carved dragon on the saya and a 1045 carbon steel blade with bohi. The blade has been constructed from through hardened 1045 carbon steel with a wire brush hamon. The blade comes with a bohi and is full tang and sharp. The saya is wooden with a black gloss finish and black chemical fiber sageo with a dragon design engraved into the saya. The habaki is brass and the tsuba is a Musashi style double ring that is finished in light polish brass finish. The fuchigashira are a higo style, built for comfort. The ito is black chemical fiber over real ray skin samegawa. The tang is double pinned with bamboo mekugi.

    -Overall Length: 41 " from end of handle ( tsuka ) to end of scabbard.
    -Nagasa Length: 23 "
    -Tsuka Length: 11.25 "
    -Lamination: Mono Steel
    -Blade: Very Sharp
    -Blade Material: Through Hardened 1045
    -Fittings: Zinc Alloy
    -Tsuka Material: Chemical Fiber
    -HRC: 45 Degrees
    -Accessories: Sword Bag included

     -Sword Name: Handmade Ninja-To with Dragon Engraved Saya