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    Custom made of Bronze, very durable and wears very well.

     This custom KAKUTE / KAKUSHI NINJA RING.  3 sizes to choose from. Rings sold individually separately. Not sold as set. Price is for one ring.

    These Kakute / Kakushi ( hidden hand or finger ) rings are made of bronze. They were worn by the Ninja and  Samurai and favored by the Kunoichi (female Ninja), having one to four metal spikes protruding from it. The spikes were sometimes dipped in poison.

    Kakute could be worn on any finger with the spikes hidden inside the hand, and then used to attack when the enemy least expected. The spikes were also excellent for holding onto an opponent, striking across the face, choking, and sometimes climbing as well.


    SM - approximately ring size 9

    LG - approximately ring size 11

    ADJ - Adjustable to size range 7-13

    Please send msg or note as to what size or model you want when placing order. Thank you.