• NINJA-KO Katana Iai 2

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    Shinobi Katana Musashi 2 Iaito

    Made of 1060 Carbon Steel Shinobi Katana Iaito Practice Sword.

    Whether you are a beginning or advanced student the iaito (unsharpened practice sword) is an essential part of your training equipment. The unsharpened edge, full tang, and carbon steel construction allows the practitioner to train their edge and build their strength with confidence.

    This is the Shinobi Ko Katana edition. The shortened blade length, lighter weight and pulled back balance point make it ideal for young adults, shorter practitioners and for practitioners of Ninjutsu where moving in tight spaces, climbing, etc. This is the ideal sword for training in areas with lower ceilings too.

    Please note this sword is not intended to be used for cutting.


    • Blade: The blade of the iaito has been constructed from 1060 carbon steel and features a bo hi. An aesthetic hamon has been added to the blade.
    • The iaito comes full tang and unsharpened.
    • Saya: Is wooden with a black lacquer finish.  The sageo is black chemical fiber.
    • Tsuka: Is made of steel in a classic Musashi style. The fuchigashira are made in zinc alloy. The ito is black chemical fiber over real ray skin sawegawa. The nakago is secured by two bamboo mekugi.
    • The iaito includes a black cotton sword bag.
    • Note: Sword Stand Sold Separately.
    • Item Specs

    • Overall Length: 33.75"
    • Nagasa Length: 22.5"to Habaki
    • 23.5" to the tsuba / w/habaki
    • Tsuka Length: 9.5"
    • Point of Balance: 4"
    • Weight W/O Saya: 1 lb 14.2 oz
    • Blade: Unsharpened with SHARP Tip
    • Blade Material: 1060 Carbon Steel
    • Ito & Sageo: Black Chemical Fiber
    • Fittings Material: Blackened Steel
    • Mekugi: Double Pinned Bamboo