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    LARGE, designed to add to a larger target, placed on to or in front of, or use as the primary target.

    At approximately 23" wide, 23" tall, and 2" thick, this target is perfect for throwing spikes, small knives and most shuriken.

    Accuracy is an important factor for practitioners so using this target in the beginning of learning is ideal.especially if intending to use it indoors.

    Made of close cell polyethylene foam, it is resistant to most chemicals and oils, is non-staining and has high weathering resistance. This target is also lightweight, clean, easy to use, strong and non-absorbent. It will also easily float on water. This is the same material you'll find used in archery targets. Its a self healing foam that lasts a long time with regular use under normal conditions. Note: If you throw large, heavy bladed items into this target it will damage it very quickly! Anyone who has thrown large throwing knives, axes, etc knows that those things destroy there targets!

    For indoor or outdoor use.


    • Dimensions - Approximately 23" tall x 23" wide x 2" thick
    • Material - Close Cell Polyethylene High Density Foam
    • Color - White