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    Made in 10 GAUGE thick, heavy duty steel. very solid construction, each tetsubishi has four points and were traditionally used to slow a following adversary or thrown to create a distraction. These are not the little light weight versions that everyone got used to buying. These are the real deal! I know the cost is much higher then the thin ones. Unfortunately quality solid steel construction is not cheap, the quality of the item and craftsmanship that is put into every single one for sure make them well worth the price.

    Each one is custom hand beveled and sharpened on all tips. Set with a weld quality epoxy coupled by the special notch design that interlock each one, be assured they won't be coming apart . Completed with a black oxide plated black finish. These are just large enough to have the potential of being used kakushi or kakute style, may also be thrown as a single piece or hand full at a time.

    These will only be offered in sets of 9 after the introduction. As it being new to the site, single piece purchases will be offered for a short time. Considerable discount of those who purchase a whole set now.

    No matter how they land, there is always a sharp edge pointing up.


    • Black oxide plated finish
    • limited time single piece
    • Hand beveled, sharpened all points
    • Heavy duty 10 gauge thick steel