• Togaukure Ryu Itta Ken NEW.

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    Togakure Ryu Ita Ken 戸隠流板剣

    Togakure Ryu Ita Ken 戸隠流板剣  NEW VERSION.

    8 inch long, double pointed bo-shuriken, modeled after the Togakure Ryu Ita ken. These new hand crafted models are made of super high grade AR400 Armor Plate Steel!  Designed to be used, they will hold up to rigorous practice. Note the other model I have is 3/4" wide and 10 gauge thick. These are almost twice as thick and 1/4" narrower. They throw amazingly well!


    • Dimensions - 8" long
    • Steel - AR400 Plate  (very durable)
    • 3/16" Thick
    • 1/2" Wide
    • Black Oxide  Plated
    • Double Pointed
    • Sold individually