• NINJA SENBAN 戸隠流銛盤 Black NEW model

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    Special..... $6.50EA !!!   NEW MODEL NEVER BEFORE OFFERED!


    NOTE...... These are the same size dimensions as the original senban except the center square hole is aprox 1" in size compared to 1/2" normally.

    Authentic reproduction of the historical Togakure Ryu Ninja’s traditional "Senban"

    Originally these items where a carpenters tool. Used by Togakure Ryu Ninja for Senban Nagejutsu, 9 Senban were carried at a time.  These are incredibly durable, designed for regular practice and throwing into intended targets.

    • Dimensions - 3” measurement from closest tip to tip
    • Dimensions - 4 1/4" measurement from tip to tip farthest
    • Steel - 14 gauge standard thickness steel
    • Color - Black Oxide plated finish