• AR400 Yagyu Juji Sharp

    $25.00 $19.95

    This shuriken is a very unique and special piece.

    This model (4 point Yagyu Ryu Juji star) is the most durable, effective and impressive Shuriken we have ever produced.  The new Yagyu Juji shuriken is now made of AR400 Armor plate steel.

    Throw it into wood, foam, rubber, Tatami, etc., it won't bend or break!  This is a Large, heavy throwing star weighing over 4 oz.  Approximately 4" in size, tip to tip, and 6" to span the entire furthest cross section of it at 3/16" thick.  A combination of machine and custom finishing is used to produce these works of art, and they are are intended for heavy use. The edges are hand ground to ensure the right feel in every one.  Each is then black oxide plated for final custom finish, look and durability.

    AR400 Steel

    AR400 or AR450 wear plates are a heated-treated steel plate that is specially processed for outstanding durability. The end result is a higher hardness with the greatest possible wear resistance. If superior resistance against wear and impact is an important factor in your steel plate applications, then AR400 steel fits the bill.  Its abrasion resistant properties ensure that it performs consistently each and every time - with no surprises.

    The AR400 wear resistant steel plate provides greater impact strength than other common heat-treated alloys.  As a result, expect longer lasting wear parts in some of the toughest applications.


    • Dimensions - 6” measurements from tip to tip - 4" cross section
    • 3/16" thick
    • Steel - AR400 heat treated plate steel (astoundingly durable)
    • Color - Black oxide plated
    • Custom hand sharpened