• AR400 KUNAI 3

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    Handmade, just like the KUNAI-2 Model, this would be considered a "blank" for those who wish to use it more for training in a dojo, or for those who wish to customize the blade/edge themselves. This is the blade that gets turned into the KUNAI-2 model with custom handle wrap and sharpened double edge blade. This model as shown in the pictures IS NOT SHARPENED,the edges of this kunai are flat, non-beveled, smooth finish.  Made of extremely durable AR400 armor plate 3/16" thick steel, this item can endure rigorous use, and it may be used for throwing practice, hand to hand self defense training, or even as a climbing tool.  These are just a few of the multiple uses and applications of this incredible tool. It can be used as is or customized by an individuals needs or specifications.

    9 3/4" long 3/16" thick, this custom kunai comes with a black oxide coating and a 550 para-cord wrapped handle


    • Dimensions - 9 3/4" overall length
    • 3/16" thick
    • Steel - AR400 Armor Plate Steel (incredibly durable)
    •  Non-sharpened
    • Color - Black Oxide plated
    • Handle, plain, no wrap