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    The specifications off the ones in Japan, now available for the first time this extra large battlefield size Kusarigama!  Used by  Ninja / Samurai  this Authentic hand made Kusarigama is a must have to any practitioner or enthusiast.

    This is considerable larger and heavier than the light weight version. This custom piece comes with a 24" solid hardwood handle, double pinned tang  fixes to just under 9" blade. The blade is made of 10 gauge thick solid steel, hand beveled and sharpened with a double edge so both the top side and under side of the blade are sharp allowing for more options on cutting. This model does come as stated with a sharpened blade though its not as sharp as the light model. The edges are beveled so the individual practitioner may leave it semi sharp or finish to a razor edge if desired. The blade is completed with a black oxide plated finish  The 10' chain attached to a solid steel octagon weight are fully functional as this entire tool is intended to be. The steel weight is also black oxide plated. Kama handle comes with special cord wrap at top end for extra stability. This model is the LG#2 which has the chain/weight coming off the blade vs the handle. Please note: This tool is sharp and very dangerous!