• Kyoketsu Shoge 4

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    Custom made Ninja Kyoketsu Shoge!
    If the AR400 version is more then you need? Or budget better for one a little less? Then here you go! The EXACT same dimentions as our AR400 Large model but in a slightly lighter 10 gauge thick steel.

    This is still 100% fully functional Kyoketsu Shoge, but only slightly sharpened so the user can train with it.
    Ninja used this amazing tool to disarm swordsman, climb, and trap. It is truly a must have in the Ninja tool box with incredible multi function/use abilities.

    Made from authentic Japanese specs. Complete with 15' rope and 7" diameter Steel ring! This Shoge is made for actual training and use! Made of durable 10 Gauge thick steel with custom blood wood handle and durable black oxide plated finish.

    Shoge Specs:
    Full tang solid steel construction 10 gauge thick
    Handle Width is 1 1/4 inches custom Blood wood
    Handle Length is 5 1/2 inches
    Blade Hook is 4 inches overall length
    Blade hook is 2 3/4 inches out from handle with beveled edge
    Blade Length is 6 1/2 inches with beveled edge
    Overall length is 14 1/4 inches
    Black oxide plated finish
    Custom hand edged
    Weight is 11 oz
    Rope is black 3/8" diameter nylon 15' feet long
    Flat ring shown in main photo is 3/4" wide x 7" diameter x 1/4" thick
    made of AR400 armor plate steel
    black oxide plated